Tuesday, May 19, 2009

may 19

something i never did, but something i'm more than happy to watch and enjoy: the humanities and social sciences graduates parading down Lambton Quay, lead by a pipe band (at the front). i can never resist a pipe band!

the parade went right by my office, and because i always have my camera with me, i was able to jump in the lift and snap this pic


  1. Hi Sue. Our youngest plays in the pipeband, and it sure is a powerful,moving sound. I just read your coment on my blog, Thanks for that! My Uncle used to work on the Benmore Dam, his name is Jim Colenso, I just wondered if maybe your hubby recalls the name..or not?? Most likley there were lots of people working on the dam! LOL,silly me!

  2. Greetings from Malaysia!
    Bet the graduates were reaally happy and the music made their day too.