Friday, December 25, 2009

december 25th - christmas day - a friday!

the girls with their new fingerless gloves, care of my mum who is an expert and prolific fingerless glove maker!!!

december 24

my mum and dad - awwwwwwwww

will have been married 50 years next april

50 years!!!

december 23

saw this sign in the 'left bank' off cuba street on our way to the matterhorn for our end of year work christmas lunch and thought it was worth photographing!

you know someone wrote that AFTER falling down!

december 22

the beautiful wishing tree, which sat in frank kitts park on the waterfront for the month leading up to christmas. with 37,500 lights, there are 16 million possible combinations.

it was amazing to watch!

december 21

i made these!

i'm so excited, because they ACTUALLY look like the picture in the recipe!

i made several dozen and distributed them to local businesses

december 20

tara's miss 12, my miss 13 and miss 11 hanging from a pohutukawa tree on oriental parade

december 19

mr scrappy and tara's miss 11 enjoy the chocolate fondue we all enjoyed for dessert when we got together for our pre-christmas dinner

december 18

i just had to take a picture of the WORST park i've done in a while

yes, i've outed MYSELF!!!

december 17

miss 13's last day at intermediate (middle) school

the last two years went SO FAST!!!

december 16

tara's mister 7 and hubs enjoy a moment at 'carols by candlelight' at waitangi park

it really was a wonderful night

no wind, lots of families singing - great atmosphere

december 15

now that school is out and exams are over, the girls are able to help out a little more around the house.

here - miss 18 and her friend 'lil and cute' help put away the groceries

december 14

pasta salad - fast becoming family fave

december 13

miss 11 made a christmas decoration just like this one for herself and her three sisters

- cute!

december 12

our festive looking letterbox on the night of our christmas party!

night - near the longest day, it's not going to be dark for a while yet!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

december 11

the girls DESPERATELY wanted to bring these two home from the care pets store in porirua!!!